Beautiful pictures of so many of my heroes!
Ethan Gill(non-registered)
Thankful to run across your experiences and talent. You were and continue to be a fly on the wall for so much rich history! Thanks for sharing the art you've made.
William Spaceman Patterson(non-registered)
Brian has created a visual history of one of the most creative periods in American Classical Music i.e Jazz, Improvisational etc.! So many of the Master Musicians he has documented here have left us. He is a blessing to have caught so many precious moments. We get to see an incredible time in the continuation of this art form. It is an amazing body of work!
Todd Barkan(non-registered)
There are some people who are passionate jazz fans, and then there wonderful folks like my dear friend Brian McMillen who are absolutely essential warriors for this music we love and serve. Without Brian's dedicated and visionary documentation -- as well as the indispensable and striking work of Tom Copi and Kathy Sloane -- a significant part of the Keystone Korner story would not have been told recorded and preserved for history as what you can abundantly and compellingly experience here. Deepest gratitude, Brian, for what you have done, and for what you continue to do. Thanks for the gift that got us here, and the grace that lets us stay. Hope you can capture some of Keystone Korner Baltimore, too!
Ignacio Moran(non-registered)
I just purchased four great photos including that of Illinois Jacquet's memory filled performance with his band that included the great Slam Stewart on bass, a photo of Toots Thielemans with George Cables at a KJAZ post interview along with two fine memorable moments of Bobby Hutcherson with McCoy Tyner and another with pianist extraordinaire Tete Montoliu. I highly suggest to you jazz fans out there to consider purchasing these high quality prints with matting included to rekindle your great memories of your own experience with these great artists. Bravo Brian!
sharondenise wallace(non-registered)
LOVE THE PHOTOS... Will purchase soon.
Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Sweet website! Very cool images!! Awesome pictures, Great photographer, Thank you for sharing! Your dreams are so beautiful. your point of view is different from other people. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements.
Kevin Brown(non-registered)
One morning here in San Diego, I happened to tune into jazz 88.3. The "light" tenor sounded familiar, for some reason. Like something I'd heard growing up in the Bay Area during the 70s. . . . Like "Harpo's Blues" from the album «Phoebe Snow» (1974). Turned out to be Zoot Sims on "Dream Dancing" from the Album «On the Korner». That discovery lead me to photographer Brian McMillen, another epiphany. B Mac is clearly working in the great photographic tradition of artists like Lewis Hine of the Jazz Loft Project and the photographers of those Blue Note covers so many of us were raised on. I anticipate visiting this site again and again.
Red Sullivan(non-registered)
I love that he in no way he abuses his access - the cats obviously loved having him about... Dexter unpacking his horn and so-fourth. But one telling shot for me is that he caught Sarah Vaughan just ONCE: and it's a BEAUTY!
Red Sullivan(non-registered)
Looking slowly and closely through the more than 700 photos in this amazing collection has been nothing less than a jazz-lovers` dream! The depth of history reflected by the profundity of the artists represented tells its own story. I particularly love the unique access that afford shots like no others (such as during radio interviews) - clearly a testament to that fact that the photographer has been an integral part of the community of jazz itself - not just of The Bay Area - there are valuable photos from European festivals and New York too: so of the jazz community itself!
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