Berigan Taylor(non-registered)
Been here several times to visit your photographs -- love them all Brian
Tom Marcello(non-registered)
Thanks so very much for this wonderful and exciting archive of images!
Frank Zipperer(non-registered)
Love your work, especially the black & whites of the jazz musicians!! I'm also a live music photographer and most of my work is of the jazz scene here in Western North Carolina in the city of Asheville.
Kaylé Brecher(non-registered)
Important, warm and beautiful documentations!
Ben Michalski(non-registered)
I was a close friend of Eddy Henderson and a regular at the Keystone Kornor in 1980 and 1981.
I stumbled upon your site while doing a search on the club.
I was there when Eddy and Stan Getz got into a fight right outside the club and Eddy ripped Stan's hair weave off his head. I also drove a young Winton Marsalis (who was touring with Art Blakey at the time)around the city showing him the sites in my 67 Chevy Impala. I am also a photographer and your shot of the ol'club captured it's essence.
Best wishes!!
Ben Michalski
Myrna ZIalcita(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing music history, Brian! I love your work....
rebecca kieler(non-registered)
Amazing Brian, Such memories! keep up the beautiful work!
Barbara Riching(non-registered)
Stunning! You have captured a slice of history and continue to do so.
Sheryl Lamoureux
What a delightful time I had looking at your photographs. You have been places and seen things few others have. Thank you for sharing those things with us.
Nancy Briggs, Ph.D.(non-registered)
Brian, you've really captured an era in north California jazz in these skillful and improvisatory photographs of (international) jazz musicians. Thank you posting and making available these wonderful collections. I miss Herb Wong, a real mainstay of the Keystone scene, along with Todd whose active in NY now. Congratulations!
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